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erasmusThe CSEN, Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale (National Educational Sport Centre), is a Body for SportsPromotion recognized by the Italian National Olympic Committee CONI. (Law Decree no. 242 dated 23th.7.1999, CONI Deliberation no. 1224 dated 15th.5.2002) and by the Italian Paralympic Committee C.I.P.; it is also a Welfare Body recognized by the Italian Ministry for Internal Affairs (Minister Decree no. 559/C 3206-12000 – A (101) dated 29th.02.1992).

CSEN is recognized as a National Body for Social Promotion (Registration no.77 National Register of Ministry of Labour and Welfare Policies – Law no.383/2000) and is registered in the Provisional Register for National Civil Service. CSEN aims to promote and disseminate sporting activities with a high social value; to contribute to developing sports,thus reaching theobjective of “sports for everybody and belonging to everybody ”(in line with the “Sport for All” movement); to establish favourable conditions for a wider development of physical education, sports and health; to cooperate with the C.O.N.I., Sporting Federations, schools, Regions and Local Authorities, with social and political groups as well as with autonomous organizations from other countries; to promote the growth of Sporting Clubs; to operatenot-for–profit across Italy. The above-mentioned aims are pursued through a variety of structured activities: - Centres for the promotion of sport; - Promotion and organization of amateur and competitive competitions for all age groups; - Organization of championships and tournaments for all male and female categories; - Training and refreshercourses for managers, technicians/experts, sport operators and instructors; - Research, study and experimental activities; - Cultural, recreational and leisure time activities; - Regular publishing of the Boy’Sport magazine, the official quarterly of the CSEN on cultural, political, social and educational issues relating to sport and physical education; - Publishing of booklets and publications regarding physical and sport education, legislative, civil and fiscal norms in the field; - Publishing of an online newsletter with information and updates for member associations; - Help services for Sport and Social Promotion Associations for legal, fiscal and insurance issues provided through tariff agreements. Since 2011, in the wake of positive outcomes resulting from its activities, the CSEN has felt the increasingly pressing need to unite sporting and social policies in line with EU directives and it has boosted its social promotion programme both at national and local levels. As to the school sector, the strong commitment and attention toward the promotion of motor and sport activities have been confirmed. The CSEN has strengthened the synergic relationships with the various Teaching Boards and with many operators who favour youth and school sporting activities because of their values for the physical and psychological development of pupils. In this global framework, the mission of CSEN is that of making the citizen “protagonist, participant and interpreter in social commitment” for a renewal of sports values. This implies a view of sporting, amateur and recreational associations as being able to keep abreast of the changes that take place in society. The CSEN figures 1,400,000 members comprising managers, technicians, athletes, amateurs 13,500 Amateur Sports Associations associate C.O.N.I (Italian National Olympic Committee) 2,000 Associations for social promotion and leisure time 820,000 members who participate in sport activities 550,000 members who participate in active leisure time activities 20 Regional Committees 106 Provincial Committees CSEN activities In Italy the CSEN offers over 274 sport disciplinesand it is in the top position for Fitness, Dance, Sports with Dogs and Martial Arts, including martial arts for disabled people. Also well represented are Athletics, Football (especially with 5 to 9 players), Swimming Sports, Volleyball, Basketball and many others disciplines. Nowadays, the number of championships for each discipline covers all 12 months of the year. National championships for specialty organized in-house and only for CSEN athletes are cutting edge; the winners often go on to participate in sport activities held by the National Federations. CSEN activities also include the training of sport managers with conferences and seminars regarding topical issues, such as: tax regulations, national and local legislative norms, planning and organizational development. Important issues like activity for a healthy life-style, the environment, sport, cultural and social developments have been dealt with. For the CSEN such training activities are an important step in the general development of its middle managers. The CSEN also offers technical refresher courses and continuing education for those members who want to enrich their knowledge and become able to better contribute to the growth of CSEN. CSEN in the social Field In 2012 and in 2013 the CSEN released its social budget with a view to enhance and document the social impact of the activities implemented at national, regional and provincial levels.The general objective of the social budget is that of conveying the importance and the meaning of CSEN’s work to all those getting into contact with it. This contributes to creating a transparency culture in line with the qualified and outstanding position of the CSEN in sport and social promotion. The CSEN is well aware of its responsibility towards the social field in which it works. In 2012-2013 the CSEN ran the “DISINVOLTO (self-assured) project: Promotion of rights and opportunities for the complete inclusion of disabled people in sporting activities”. In the framework of this project, disabled people were introduced tosport team comprising non-disabled athletes in order to do the sport activity together. The project, which involved 12 Italian Regions, included the 1st Day of Integrated Sport and was documented through 11 videos. In 2012-2013 the CSEN ran “CSEN training. Practices of ethic management and local planning” project which provided training to CSEN representatives of Provincial Committees.The training provided aimed to enrich local competences in planning by strengthening relational skills. Training also addressed the topics of refresher courses in sport and the promotion of social networks in the field. In the frame of this project 13 CSEN Regional Planning Bureaus were established. In 2011 and 2012 the CSEN developed the P.ost_C.ard Project, a national pilot project that involved the Social Services of some large cities and of some small towns. The project aimed to enhance the role of sport in the promotion of wellbeing and in struggle against social alienation. People suffering economic hardship could receive the P.ost_C.ard distributed by the Social Services and do a sport activity of their choice free of charge for one season. Since 2010 the CSEN has been operating at the “Tetris”juvenile meeting centre in Rome together with the ARSE ProgettoLaboratorioOnlus. Activities held at “Tetris” are meant to favour the recognition and development of autonomy, socialization and wellbeing of young people through sports.


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